As it grows, the list of most-used words will change 1):

Le nuage des mots fréquents sur ce site évoluera avec l'évolution du contenu 2).

En Anglais d'Abord

This is where this wiki-powered website begins 3).

It (get the net) doesn't have a mission or well-defined purpose; it only exists because I liked (and registered) the domain name, inspired by a scene near the beginning of Wayne's World. At present, you'll mostly find my transcribed notes from school, in French, and maybe some bloggish other pages, often hard-to-find orphans. However, I've added some of the Recipes we've enjoyed many, many times, most of which are not exotic, and they are in English. And what else? Friday XIII and perhaps more, I forget: try the “derniers changements” button, or the “index” button next to it for lists of contents which may be of interest to you.

Aside on Dokuwiki and Wikis in General

I like wikis, and the possibility they offer to build a non-hierarchical (not tree-like) site organization; “home” could be any page in the site, served up randomly, or perhaps the last-looked-at page4), as long as there aren't orphan pages or unconnected clusters of pages. Ultimately, this “root node” page may be deleted. Or this site could become a concept lattice?

I've installed several DokuWiki Plugins I Have Known, including a little one I made from another someone else made (to add an edit button). I also designed the template for this site : I prefer the “classic” half-frame layout used in mail clients, IDEs, and so one. However, this is not achieved using <frame> tags, but using divs and css I learned about at ”Frames without Frames”, ”css positioning”, ”Let's build a grid” and other places. The color scheme is new, and the contrasts are based on luminance ratios learned from (and hand-checked using) ”Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser.”

Et aussi en Français d'Abord

Ce n'est plus “d'abord”, l'intro in English est passée devant; soit. Mais c'est parce que “get the net” est un titre plus anglais que français.

Cours ILC

Pour ceux qui s'y reconnaissent (et les camarades ISI) içi s'accumulent des

1) it would be particularly nice if the LaTeX math commands weren't counted, too! I'm thinking about how to make that happen with a plug-in.
2) et j'espère filtrer des “termes” LaTeX math
3) since I haven't yet set up a “random homepage” or “whatever page was last visited becomes homepage” function, but that is on my “to do” list
4) as I already mentioned
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