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SQL Warehousing Tutorial: 19 Occurrences trouvées
=== Note : this is not original material, merely an extract of the [[ ence and the source of data for data marts within an enterprise that delivers a common view of enterpr... fined types, or triggers that defines a database. An SQL schema provides a logical classification of d... or a staging table). The Design Studio provides an intuitive way to visualize and design data flows.
Design Patterns: 18 Occurrences trouvées
nal Patterns - Abstract Factory. \\ > Provide an interface for creating families of related or dep... representations. - Factory Method \\ > Define an interface for creating an object, but let subclas... compatible interfaces. - Bridge \\ > Decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that the t... orator \\ > Attach additional responsibilities to an object dynamically. Decorators provide a flexible
Formatting Syntax: 9 Occurrences trouvées
s. You can either just give a [[pagename]] or use an additional [[pagename|link text]]. Internal li... You can either just give a [[pagename]] or use an additional [[pagename|link text]]. [[doku>pagena... re info. ==== Image Links ==== You can also use an image to link to another internal or external pag... ify a filename (external or internal) that is not an image (''gif, jpeg, png''), then it will be displ
An Idealized Re-Design of Collaborative Databases: 9 Occurrences trouvées
====== An Idealized Re-Design of Collaborative Databases ====== ===== Introduction ===== What would an ideal system for collaborative document sharing be like? In particular, what might an individual... acting publications. Each of these topics merits an essay (or more), but treating these questions is ... gy, then finding a way to achieve it. It deserves an article, but is of general interest so will not b
Recipes: 8 Occurrences trouvées
prepare my shopping list accordingly (I even had an order-form like sheet I printed with the computer... sen * very little work (cut up chicken, slice an onion, peel and slice a few tomatoes) * cooks in about an hour. * [[recipes:chicken_stew|Stewed Chicken and Dumplings]] -- from Better Homes and Gardens, but there is an alternative composition based on "Poule au pot" (which is in turn based o
joe: 6 Occurrences trouvées
ration, optimization. \\ After CPSC 112a or b or an equivalent introductory programming course; MATH ... ble proofs, and matrix algorithms. Topics include an introduction to tools from probability theory, in... Vision and Biological Perception | MW 1.00-2.15 | An overview of computational vision with a biological emphasis. Suitable as an introduction to biological perception for computer science and engineerin
Visitor: 6 Occurrences trouvées
=== Visitor ====== ===== Intent ===== Represent an operation to be performed on the elements of an o... ===== Appliquer le motif Visitor lorsque : * an object structure contains many classes of objects... ted operations need to be performed on objects in an objec structure, and you want to avoid "polluting... AssignmentNode, VariableRefNode) * implements an Accept operation that takes a visitor as an argum
Formal Concept Analysis: 5 Occurrences trouvées
[| An Introduction to using Relation Algebra with FCA]]... rted: * ConExp native format *.cex: This is an XML-based format. It stores information about the... .) Each of the succeeding lines should start with an object name followed by a sequence of 0s and 1s. ... i|FIMI]] format. The code is C and "parallel" is an option; it can be run as the sequential algorithm
Friday XIII: 5 Occurrences trouvées
ugh to prefer finding the solution on the back of an envelope, and that is exactly what I did; I just ... Wednesday. * etc. ===== Further Reading ===== An earlier treatment of this topic is [[http://uwwoo... day XIII]] on one of my blogs; I hope this one is an improvement. I've also written [[http://uwwoonp.... what_year|what year might that have been?]] Given an invitation for an event on "Saturday, April 26th,
Prospects: 4 Occurrences trouvées
me, this is standard procedure)) are - editing an existing page to add a link to the page-to-be, sa... t I want to eliminate? What might I want to keep an additional replica of, and where might I keep tha... tures lacking in this site's management software. An [[wikiware_redesign|idealized redesign]] is a fir... want it to be possible for another user to remove an author's access to her own product! This problem
Fuzzy Concept Extractor: 4 Occurrences trouvées
or quantified descriptors) * a rated pattern is an ordered set of numeric values associated with des... * FuzzyIntent(Specimen founder) : create an intent from a specimen (min=max=specimen.affiniti... t(FuzzyIntent prior, Specimen candidate) : create an intent from prior, relaxed to admit candidate. ... a a FCE method or passing the FCE concept tree as an argument to be able to add each new concept to th
How to Write a World Class Paper: 3 Occurrences trouvées
selection of the ideas is mine. Mr. Borchard is an editor, author and reviewer and hence qualified t... articles : //as I recall, that means try to write an article that will be cited// Paper is your "cre... s. ===== Sundry ===== Typically only 1-2 people read an article in full! 23k peer-reviewed journals
rsync Overwrote a Newer File!: 3 Occurrences trouvées
correct, whether or not the source is older than an existing file of the same name. I noticed this w... 'rsync'' had overwritten a newer (larger) file by an older (and smaller) file of the same name. Studyi... t the circularity of the self-reference and throw an error without executing. This could work if the
Hopping John: 3 Occurrences trouvées
^ | Black-eyed peas are esteemed in the South as an appetizing basic dish (traditionally served on Ne... ave some of the liquid from the peas in the pan. (An onion may be cooked with the peas, whole or chopp... ked, and cook on low, tightly covered, about half an hour, checking it doesn't scorch and adding liqui
what year might that have been?: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Ages of Parents Chart: 2 Occurrences trouvées
nanoweb installation in Ubuntu 10.10: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Compte Rendu: 2 Occurrences trouvées
rsync utility: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Stump: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Honey-Ginger Grilled Salmon: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Formats for Contexts and Concepts: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Orphans Plugin: 1 Occurrences trouvées
GNU Emacs Lisp Package Archive: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Ratpoison Window Manager: 1 Occurrences trouvées
DokuWiki: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Eggnog Recipes: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Red Snapper Veracruz Style: 1 Occurrences trouvées
SuitableStuff: 1 Occurrences trouvées
mvcReader: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Concombres au Yaourt: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Family Systems: 1 Occurrences trouvées
DokuWiki Plugins I Have Known: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Color Contrast: 1 Occurrences trouvées
JSM Markup Button: 1 Occurrences trouvées
JSMath Debug: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Include Plugin: 1 Occurrences trouvées
College Rankings: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Pré-requis: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Theisms: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Transactions: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Public Holidays in France: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Ingénierie de la preuve: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Les Systèmes en Production: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Master Informatique -- An Deux: 1 Occurrences trouvées
R-Project: 1 Occurrences trouvées
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