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Recipes: 10 Occurrences trouvées
s ====== Working long hours and raising children at the same time didn't leave me long hours to prepa... ket), and shop around noon, when most people were at lunch. ===== The Meal Plan ===== The meal plan ... ient because preparation time was not all bunched at the moment I got home from work. * Finally, n... f water weighs one pound; one pound is 454 grams (at standard temperature and pressure). Hence, one f
Formatting Syntax: 9 Occurrences trouvées
ay use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[play... Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace... te that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespa
Compte Rendu: 6 Occurrences trouvées
ror 10000 Data type string is not supported. at line 22 of function im2uint8 called by : ... 1); !--error 4 Variable non définie: d at line 111 of function imnoise called by : ... ror 10000 Data type string is not supported. at line 22 of function im2uint8 called by : ... 01); !--error 4 Variable non définie: d at line 111 of function imnoise called by :
DokuWiki: 5 Occurrences trouvées
ompliant, simple to use [[wp>Wiki]], mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple but powerful [[wiki:syntax]] w... iki. ===== Download ===== DokuWiki is available at ===== Rea... yntax description]] is maintained in the DokuWiki at [[doku>|]]. **About DokuWiki**
SQL Warehousing Tutorial: 4 Occurrences trouvées
ishes processing, you can sample the rows of data at the two breakpoints so that you can see whether t... an run one once and schedule the other one to run at regular intervals. === Tasks in this lesson === ... an run one once and schedule the other one to run at regular intervals. === Tasks in this lesson === ... stance moves into when running the instance fails at some point in the process flow. Failed control fl
An Idealized Re-Design of Collaborative Databases: 4 Occurrences trouvées
oblems and questions, many of them unanticipated, at least by many users. They have given rise to a v... ty the author trusts, groups whose composition is at least known or knowable, and **public**. Examples... t typically has a set of attributes or properties at each point in time listing: - State - Owner ... or keeps drafts, documents not ready for sharing, at least for a while. This could be achieved by app
The Perfect Chocolate Cake: 3 Occurrences trouvées
r cake pans. - In large bowl of electric mixer, at high speed, beat I cup butter, the granulated sug... th rubber scraper, until light --about 5 minutes. At low speed, beat in flour mixture (in fourths), al... r the cake will seem too sugary.// **Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.** ((so the frosting/
SuitableStuff: 3 Occurrences trouvées
d by a scene near the beginning of Wayne's World. At present, you'll mostly find my transcribed notes ... e, served up randomly, or perhaps the last-looked-at page((as I already mentioned)), as long as there ... e>%% tags, but using divs and css I learned about at "[[|Frames wi
Hopping John: 3 Occurrences trouvées
n by citing a cook book I have that is crumbling: at least I'll preserve a page digitally! ^ BLACK-EY... rk// ratio varies quite a lot, and one can wonder at what threshold this stops being a recipe for peas... on top of them. || Taste for seasoning and serve at once. | Peel, seed and finely chop some fresh tom
Include Plugin: 3 Occurrences trouvées|plugin:include info]] page at ===== Syntax ===== Simply enclose... used within other blocks. Section is aimed more at including sections and page at including whole pa
JSMath Debug: 3 Occurrences trouvées
<jsmath>%%), which seems to me more intuitive and at least as readible. - an associated "action" plu... script.js that works, with some commented-out php at the top. And it still doesn't work. For some reas... Too bad. I don't have time to continue on this, at least not now: I need to get the "block" style wo
One-Bowl Dinner Rolls: 3 Occurrences trouvées
lly add "very hot" water and beat 2 (two) minutes at medium | | <jsm>\frac{1}{2}</jsm> | C | (more) un... | egg | ^ 2 ^ min | Add egg and 1/2 C flour; beat at high speed 2 (two) minutes | | <jsm>1\frac{1}{2}-... * <jsm>\frac{2}{3}</jsm> cup very hot tap water * 1 egg (at room temperature) * melted margarine
Eggnog Recipes: 3 Occurrences trouvées
lume, a particular amount of alcohol (I'm looking at **real** eggnog here, not nutmeg flavored crême a... ally good bourbon you might not need/want the rum at all. I reckon I put too much sugar in mine: that... Kentucky Kitchens does as I do (if they add the whites at all!) Alton Brown does not whip the cream.
Ratpoison Window Manager: 2 Occurrences trouvées
e-session-2.0 One such file for ratpoison found (at [[|Gentoo Wi... reen, locate a little fly-up menu in the gray bar at the screen bottom with proposed window managers:
Recognizing and Counting Squares: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Ages of Parents Chart: 2 Occurrences trouvées
GNU Emacs Lisp Package Archive: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Advice Snippets & Resources: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Spicy Baked Chicken: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Friday XIII: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Grammaires Générales: 2 Occurrences trouvées
JSM Markup Button: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Adding Buttons to DokuWiki: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Frozen spinach with potatoes: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Pita Bread: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Yale College 1975 Listserv: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Prospects: 1 Occurrences trouvées
what year might that have been?: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Chicken Marengo/Chasseur: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Ramequin forestière (et alii): 1 Occurrences trouvées
emacs and other Gnu Software: 1 Occurrences trouvées
rsync utility: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Theisms: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Projet Tondeuse: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Family Systems: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Enoncé: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Macaroni Casserole: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Formats for Contexts and Concepts: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Turkey leg -- roasted: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Flexner Special Pumpkin Pie: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Règles et Sanctions (immédiates): 1 Occurrences trouvées
Design Pattern Template: 1 Occurrences trouvées
el-get package manager for emacs: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Shoes of the Boot Type: 1 Occurrences trouvées
emacs-build: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Public Holidays in France: 1 Occurrences trouvées
LaTeX Math Symbols: 1 Occurrences trouvées
nanoweb installation in Ubuntu 10.10: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Shoes: 1 Occurrences trouvées
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