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An Idealized Re-Design of Collaborative Databases: 19 Occurrences trouvées
n ideal system for collaborative document sharing be like? In particular, what might an individual wa... me re-ordering--and co-authoring-- and could only be shared with classmates, instructors, and so on, s... ucing, sharing and modifying what may generically be termed [[cms:documents|documents or resources]]. These may be **push** systems such as electronic mail and instant messaging; **pull** systems, such
Formatting Syntax: 16 Occurrences trouvées
up language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all p... ly create links by default, but this behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config]] file. Hint: If Dok... "local zone"). * For Mozilla and Firefox it can be enabled through the config option [[ f contents is generated automatically -- this can be disabled by including the string ''<nowiki>~~NOTO
Prospects: 10 Occurrences trouvées
ing an existing page to add a link to the page-to-be, saving, clicking on the link, and answering "yes... tion; - typing the path and name of the page-to-be in the URL field of the browser, requesting the U... nt-to-create-this-page question. I would like to be able to just add a page as I would a content list... age is just another twigs page but it is meant to be used for the first manner of page-adding as a def
Recipes: 9 Occurrences trouvées
ouldn't find in France (and which might no longer be available in the U.S., for that matter). * Thin... found that several recipes for other meats could be nicely adapted to duck and turkey. ===== The Rec... up, that is 120-125ml. I've also taken spoons to be Tb or tsp, whichever seems most appropriate, and ... I've here transcribed. A "morceau de sucre" would be a tsp, wouldn't it? I have made no attempt to st
Include Plugin: 6 Occurrences trouvées
yntax ===== Simply enclose the ID of the page to be included in double curly brackets: {{page>[id]... mpt to merge indentation, allowing the include to be used within other block syntax modes - e.g. [[plu... e current indentation level, allowing sections to be included seamlessly. This should only be used in ... d page at including whole pages, however both can be used to include whole pages or individual section
Formal Concept Analysis: 6 Occurrences trouvées
e.html|FCA Home]]. Unfortunately, there seems to be little or no information provided about the algor... ConImp. The disadvantage is, only the context can be encoded in this format. * Comma Separated V... attributes attr1 and attr2, then first line will be the following: ;attr1;attr2.) Each of the succeed... The code is C and "parallel" is an option; it can be run as the sequential algorithm. In fact, the pa
Formats for Contexts and Concepts: 6 Occurrences trouvées
ive integer. The items in the test datasets will be consecutively numbered starting from 0, and each transaction will be sorted ascending. (Note that this is not yet the case for the provided test datasets.) For this, the Data class could be used, which is provided [[ wed). The file must have the ''slf'' extension to be recognized. ==== bin.xml ==== ==== csx ==== ==
SQL Warehousing Tutorial: 5 Occurrences trouvées
resents a specific data range. This variable will be used in the populate_time_dimension data flow and... ns with the Design Studio. Several data flows can be combined within a control flow. A typical data wa... e process flow. Failed control flow instances can be restarted. When you restart an instance, it moves... es. If a failure occurs before a stop request can be processed, the instance moves to the Failed state
Family Systems: 5 Occurrences trouvées
select descriptors of family systems which could be good predictors--leading indicators--of socio-pol... nduct experiments to find out; however, there may be "experimental" evidence at a micro level, waiting... Axes ==== How can the variety of family systems be classified? One should perhaps begin by defining ... ce of the group in which a child develops, we can be satisfied by a very broad definition : a group in
Color Contrast: 5 Occurrences trouvées
c{L_1 + 0.05}{L_2 + 0.05}</jsm>. The ratio should be greater than 3 for type 14pt or larger if boldfac... e of green. This inspires the question, "can blue be used on a black background? If so, what range of ... e needs a little "boosting" with red and green to be bright enough to show well on black. If we use eq... 48,48,255]. * Less blue will require more X, to be determined by analagous calculations. Boosting us
JSM Markup Button: 5 Occurrences trouvées
I use those symbols in my texts, I felt it would be useful to have a button (or more) in the edit for... or "block" style (''div'' in html) It would thus be appropriate to have two buttons, one to add (or s... e LaTeX code) it indicated a "block" style should be applied; otherwise, "inline." So one could use a ... what I did, and can share today. I suppose it can be easily extended to the "standard version" needs,
JSMath Debug: 5 Occurrences trouvées
months. Whoever, I discovered that it seemed to be implicated in errors when I tried to save new or ... ug this phenomenon, it seemed to me that it would be best to try a "vanilla" version of the plugin: if... = ''; This //should// be read by === install_js.php === then injected in... llJsMath); For some reason, that doesn't seem to be completing as it should. ==== More Troubleshooti
Hopping John: 4 Occurrences trouvées
" in some sections), a type of Jambalaya, said to be of Spanish origin. (Jambalaya consists of many c... he liquid from the peas in the pan. (An onion may be cooked with the peas, whole or chopped). | Wash b... browned...directly in the large vessel which will be used to cook the peas. \\ Add the peas, which ha... s blend, about 10 minutes. The liquid should all be absorbed but not dry.Serve hot. | Put rice and pe
Fuzzy Concept Extractor: 4 Occurrences trouvées
====== Fuzzy Concept Extractor ====== While "Fuzzy Concept Extractor" might seem like a specialization of "Concept Extractor", it is a generalization compared to concept extractors for binary relations and multivalued crisp relations ("one value among"--think radio buttons). If a fuzzy trait can have several modalities to varying degrees, with the sum of degrees (or affinities) ^ Fuzzy (or composite) Trait((conceivably, in a case like this example, luminosity could be unconstrained, but the RGB values could be constrained to produce that luminosity. The RGB values represent a pattern but not a histogram normed to 100%)) ^^^^ Multiple choice \\ (Crisp) ^^^^ Fuzzy (another) ^^ Binary \\ (explicit) ^^ Binary \\ (usual compact\\ Y/N) ^ ^ Red ^ Green ^ Blue ^ Luminance ^ Dog ^ Cat ^ Bird ^ Fish ^ Day ^ Night ^ Day ^ Night ^ Day ^ | | | | | | | | | | | 1 | 0 | X | daytime | | | | | | | | | | | | 0 | 1 | _ | night time | | | | | | | 1 | | | 60% | 40% | | | | evening? dawn? | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | So (for quantified descriptors) * a rated pattern is an ordered set of numeric values associated with descriptors * a normed histogram (or affinities or belief weights?) is a pattern whose descriptors must add to 100% * a multi-valued (scaled) attribute is a histogram which concentrates the 100% on a single modality * a binary-valued attribute is a multi-valued attribute with only two modalities * mostly abbreviated as "on/off" ====== Classes and Pseudocode ====== * FuzzyConceptExtractor * input : file of context to analyse, or * FuzzyContext * Trait*Modality framework * Traits * Modalities * Norm Constraint (if sum of affinities must equal a set value: 100 for percents, 1000 for per mil, etc.) * Trait-Modalities segmentation : for decoding (segmenting, parsing) the serialized affinities and applying the norm constraints. * Specimens : TreeSet * * Specimen.affinities: serialized affinities for each trait.modality, in order * Constructors * TreeSet (Specimins is not a specialized class); Specimen have a lexicographic compareTo(). * FuzzyConcepts <TreeSet> : output * FuzzyConcept * Constructors * FuzzyConcept(FuzzyConcept prior, FuzzyContext context, Specimen candidate) : * FuzzyIntent of prior relaxed to admit candidate * FuzzyExtent closed with respect to new FuzzyIntent for context.specimens. * FuzzyConcept(FuzzyContext context, Specimen candidate) * FuzzyIntent(Specimen candidate) * FuzzyExtent(FuzzyIntent intent, FuzzyContext context, Specimen currentSpecimen) * FuzzyIntent * minAffinities : integer vector * maxAffinities : integer vector * Constructors * FuzzyIntent(Specimen founder) : create an intent from a specimen (min=max=specimen.affinities) * FuzzyIntent(FuzzyIntent prior, Specimen candidate) : create an intent from prior, relaxed to admit candidate. * FuzzyExtent * TreeSet <Specimen> * Constructors * FuzzyExtent(FuzzyIntent intent, FuzzyContext context) : list of all specimens in context which intent.admits(). * FuzzyExtent(FuzzyIntent intent, FuzzyContext context, Specimen currentSpecimen) : * list of all specimens in context which intent.admits() if none are predecessors of currentSpecimen, * **null** otherwise. * FuzzyExtent(FuzzyIntent intent, FuzzyContext context, Specimen currentSpecimen, FuzzyExtent prior) : * prior plus list of all other specimens in context which intent.admits() if none are predecessors of currentSpecimen, * **null** otherwise. ===== Algorithm ===== * FuzzyConceptExtractor constructs FuzzyContext with normed affinities, specimens sorted by normed affinities in lexicographic order. * For each specimen in FuzzyContext, FCE generates its FuzzyConcept * If new (not redundant) * For each successor specimen, derive relaxed FuzzyConcept -- FuzzyConcept(FuzzyConcept prior, FuzzyContext context, Specimen candidate) -- to include the candidate. If new, continue recursively. This will have to be done either via a FCE method or passing the FCE concept tree as an argument to be able to add each new concept to the tree.
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