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Seven plugins correspond to this purpose, more or less, but two are more like accronym tooltip (“explain” and “term”) and one is a “simple universal list plugin”, whatever that means!

How to choose? Build a comparison table, of course! I think I'll try deflist.

plugin definitionlist definitions deflist dl
date 2008-08 2005-08 2007-08 n/a?
claim (X)HTML Definition lists, simple syntax and smart styling Adds definition lists to DokuWiki's syntax. Full range (X)HTML style definition list Another (X)HTML definition list. IMHO with better (simpler and smarter) syntax
syntax ; term : definition
; term
: definition
= Item 1 : Definition of item 1.
= Item 2 : Definition of item 2.
= : Second definition of item 2.
= Item 3 : Definition of item 3.
= Item 4 :
= Item 5 :
= Item 6 : Definition of items 4 through 6.
?? term/phrase :: definition of term !! ? Definition Title
Multiple lines are possible
! Definition Description
? Definition Title1
? Definition Title2
! Definition Description1
! Definition Description2
! Definition Description3
? Subdefinition
! Description
! Back
? Again deeper
comment doesn't say whether it can be embedded or can contain other lists or multiple definitions (numbered?) like a dictionary would. this one seems quite thorough, handling five variants (1:n, n:1, n:n, 1:1, mixed) Simple mark-up, works like other DokuWiki lists.
cont'd In the example (on the test page, it shows multiple defs as bullet points. Yuk! this looks ok, but I prefer the ”;” mark-up. It seems possible to use an ordered list as the dd part, which is very good!
interoperability This plugin is very similar to definitions, it fixes a couple of problems with that plugin, other markup (e.g. formatting, links, etc) is allowed in the definition term and raw wiki data is properly filtered to maintain wiki security. Inside the definition data other DokuWiki markup may be used e.g. strong, em­pha­sized or un­der­lined text.23) – The following example shows how some other block-level elements are incorporated within a definition list. Besides the afore­said font manipulations there are table, un/ordered list24), footnote and all pos­sible com­bi­na­tions of definition term/data groups. — When using such ne­sted block elements you are, of course, bound by the respective element's syn­tax con­straints25).
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