el-get package manager for emacs


The installation is very simple once emacs is already installed and the emacs init file is located. Simple add the script patch from someone's blog as I did at the bottom of my ~/.emacs.d/init.el file.

;; Add a package manager, el-get:
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/el-get/el-get")

(unless (require 'el-get nil t)
   (lambda (s)

After making this change, I saved (C-x C-s) then closed (C-x c) emacs and restarted to execute the new patch. That was sufficient in my case because I am not yet running emacs as a server daemon. When I restarted I received a small buffer full of error messages because I hadn't yet taken care of the prerequisite.


The script's url-retrieve requires git for the el-get-install.el to execute the installation. This git installation can be accomplished on Ubunut with

sudo apt-get install git

after which I shut down and restarted emacs.

Installation resumed

This time I received a buffer reading

Initialized empty Git repository in /home/maurice/.emacs.d/el-get/el-get/.git/
Switched to a new branch '3.stable'
Branch 3.stable set up to track remote branch 3.stable from origin.

Congrats, el-get is installed and ready to serve!
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