Formats for Contexts and Concepts


FIMI 2003

The dataset input must use the following ascii format only!

Each transaction is stored on a separate line as a list of items separated by white space and ending with a newline. Each item is a non-negative integer.

The items in the test datasets will be consecutively numbered starting from 0, and each transaction will be sorted ascending. (Note that this is not yet the case for the provided test datasets.) For this, the Data class could be used, which is provided here.



Object Attribute List *.oal: as described by ConExp:

  • Each line contains information on one object starting with the name and followed-up by the possessed attributes.
  • If object obj1 has the attributes attr2 and attr3, the line representing obj1 should look as follows: obj1:attr2;attr3.




An older, deprecated format, according to the Galicia user's manual. It uses mark-up tags in brackets (like older .ini files on pcs). The four tags they mention (are there others?) are :

  • [Lattice] followed by (newline) the number of objects (newline) the number of attributes.
  • [Objects] followed by (newline) the names of the objects, one per line.
  • [Attributes] followed by (newline) the names of the attributes, one per line.
  • [Relation] followed by the incidence matrix (0's and 1's), one line per object and one column per attribute (in order, obviously), with the 0's and 1's separated by a space (single, don't know whether multiple spaces or tabs instead are allowed).

The file must have the slf extension to be recognized.



rcf and rcf.xml

Relational Context Family files used by Galicia Until I find an actual spec (which I still haven't), the following description is based on entering a small context and saving it in that formatGalicia's rcfReader code. It appears to be much like slf, but with only 2 (and a half) tags:

  • [Relational Context] followed by (newline) Default Name
  • [Binary Relation] followed by (newline) Default Name (newline)
    • a line with the names of the objects, separated (and terminated) by ' | '
    • a line with the names of the attributes
    • the incidence matrix, columns separated by (single) blanks
  • [Inter Object Binary Relation]
  • [Scaling Binary Relation]
  • [Multi-Valued Relation]
  • [END Relational Context]

It may be possible to save multiple such contexts in one file (but I think not). To do: save a context to the xml file format and see how it looks.:!:

mvc and mvc.xml

Multi-valued Context Family files used by Galicia.


Lattice file exported by Galicia.


relational context family file used by Erca.


relational context family file used by Erca.


concept lattice family (in XMI), used by Erca (cited at

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