Ideological Mapping of French Presidential Candidates, 2017

I have come across two quiz/tests purporting to recognize one's affinities and political proximities to the candidates in the French presidential election in 2017. One is in French, and proposes mainly multiple choice questions with three to five alternative policy options; the other is in English and proposes policy statements with a scale of degree of agreement.

The two mappings are remarkably different, despite using the same axes and framework. I trust the first (boussole) more, at least partly because it does a better job of spreading (de-clustering) the candidates. The Vote Compass only uses one quadrant to map eight candidates, and places the three others practically in the diagonally opposite quadrant, essentially dropping to a one dimensionsal mapping (a diagonal line from top left to bottom 3/4 right). In particular, I doubt that Macron belongs in the top left cluster, I suspect that the top right cluster (as assessed by boussole) is truer.

the boussole 2017 field

the French boussole field

Result from the boussole test

the Vote Compass field

Result from the Vote Compass test

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