Perhaps due to a cultural divide between people who try to describe data graphs and those who've dug up plants (gardeners, botanists, and many children) there is a mathematical object called a tree which is an acyclic graph. That sort of tree is very familiar to most of us, occurring as representations of hierarchies, and in genealogy as trees of ancestors and trees of descendants. In hierarchies and descendants trees, the top-most item (individual) is called the root.

However, as was nicely illustrated by an installation in Haguenau, France, the trunks of trees connect to a root so branched it is virtually indistiguishable from a tree! So I've decided that within the hierarchical structure of this wiki web site, I'll call the top node of each sub-tree a stump. And consider whether and when crotch or something else (what is the grafting of two trunks or branches together called?) might be more appropriate.

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