Need to scheme the overall scheme of things…but this is about development and testing of


  • private int [] maxAffinities;
  • private int [] minAffinities;
  • private int affCount;
  • private boolean hasAffinities = false; only needed because of the constructor of a stub with no guarantee that affinity ranges will be set.

Tests To Do

FuzzyIntent's constructors and other methodes :

Method Comments (prior) Comments (post)
FuzzyIntent(int affCount) need a setAffRange to make this interesting, is there a need for it?
FuzzyIntent(int[] founderAffinities) in conjuntion with print or get – if it doesn't overtly refuse to run.
int [] getAffRange(int i)
void printAffRange(int i)
void printAllRanges()
FuzzyIntent(FuzzyIntent priorIntent, int[] entrantAffinities) try with
1. entrantAffinities which stretch it
2. entrantAffinities which don't stretch it.
boolean admits(int [] entrantAffinities) need to
first create a basic fuzzyIntent,
enlarge it with entrantAffinities that aren't admitted,
try with yet another profile that should be admitted and
a profile or more that shouldn't be admitted.
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