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Recipes: 18 Occurrences trouvées
, including what combinations to try (or re-use); one of our favorite toppings was slices of suçuk, a T... ain de campagne]] -- recipe probably derived from one on a package of the flour. - [[recipes:dinner_rolls|One-bowl dinner rolls]] -- from the [[recipes:sources|Complete American-Jewish Cookbook]] ... ption, notably leaving some 'C', 'Tb', and 'tsp'. One difficulty in converting is that American recipes
rsync Overwrote a Newer File!: 12 Occurrences trouvées
ages. ===== Confusing archive with merge ===== One might naïvely suppose that the behavior of the ''... ctories. Fortunately, I ran a test beforehand, as one should do if one doesn't want to risk losing file... . In this instance, I had two versions of a file, one in the current directory and one in a subdirector... file of the same name. Studying the ''man'' page, one sees that the archive option comprises the follow
Friday XIII: 12 Occurrences trouvées
e there years without? ((There is always at least one.)) Are there years with lots and lots?((No, most years have either one or two; only one year in seven has three)) How many is the most in one year? (... a Friday XIII in a non-leap year, March will have one, too. * When a month has 29 days, as February d... years, the 13th of the following month will fall one weekday later. * Similarly, when a month has 30
SQL Warehousing Tutorial: 7 Occurrences trouvées
. A typical data warehousing application can have one or more control flows. You can deploy an applicat... d to create two control flows so that you can run one once and schedule the other one to run at regular... d to create two control flows so that you can run one once and schedule the other one to run at regular... r applications need to connect to, you can create one or more database connections in the Administratio
An Idealized Re-Design of Collaborative Databases: 7 Occurrences trouvées
e? Can a same system satisfy all those wants? Is one technically feasible? I've had this web site for... imit Access === Ideally, an author should be the one who chooses the scope of the intended audience, and no one else should be authorized to extend that scope. ((Unless, perhaps, the author delegates o... nominal lists of individuals, or the ''circles'' one can compose on Google+, or ''friends'' on faceboo
Eggnog Recipes: 7 Occurrences trouvées
side. To ease the comparison, recipes are scaled; one might scale them to a particular total fluid volu... == Out of Kentucky Kitchens has two recipes, the one included below (scaled down from twelve eggs) and a "less rich" one. Time-Life "American Cooking: Southern Style" recipe is for twelve eggs, so I've... stly calling for "Prepared Dairy Eggnog" to which one adds spirits. The one I've used for this compari
College Rankings: 6 Occurrences trouvées
has no **right** answer. ===== Greenness ===== One ranking on greenness or environmental friendlines... clear and well written, I recommend reading it. One reality which caught my attention was not a resul... pace would be closer to **five** years, I expect; one typically earns a Master first, in two years (tho... n a doctoral program), then works on research and one's thesis for three years. Another was the very h
Formats for Contexts and Concepts: 6 Occurrences trouvées
by ConExp: * Each line contains information on one object starting with the name and followed-up by ... ] followed by (newline) the names of the objects, one per line. * [Attributes] followed by (newline) the names of the attributes, one per line. * [Relation] followed by the incidence matrix (0's and 1's), one line per object and one column per attribute (in order, obviously), with the 0's and 1's s
Design Patterns: 5 Occurrences trouvées
ype. - Singleton \\ > Ensure a class only has one instance, and provide a global point of access to... of a request to its receiver by giving more than one object a chance to handle the request. Chain the ... ter. - [[dp_observer|Observer]] \\ > Define a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when one object changes state, all its dependents are notified and updated automatically. - State \\ >
Ratpoison Window Manager: 5 Occurrences trouvées
ng used to, learning the shortcut keys, but first one has to get it to work. ===== Synaptic (Canonical... tion X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=gnome-session-2.0 One such file for ratpoison found (at [[ nimalistic Window Manager Exec=ratpoison The one I ended up installing, and works (though I make n... gotten because the information is so obvious once one knows the answer, the way I start ratpoison is th
Formal Concept Analysis: 5 Occurrences trouvées
fca:nextclosure|NextClosure]], [[fca:cbo|Close by One]], [[fca:lindig|Lindig]], [[fca:chein|Chein]], [[... butes names and the first cell is empty. (I.e, if one has a context with attributes attr1 and attr2, th... entation]] of Kuznetsov's CbO ([[fca:cbo|Close by One]]) algorithm. The INPUT-FILE is in the //usual// ... s originally described adds objects to the extent one by one, intersecting their intents with the previ
what year might that have been?: 5 Occurrences trouvées
o have those, but I don't know where I'd look for one today without using a search engine on the Internet)), here's one solution that uses a sort of back of the envelope perpetual calendar that is easy t... es after February, two weekdays will be possible, one for leap years and one for other years. Then, fig... n the leap year did, * otherwise a year starts one weekday later than the previous year did. * It
nanoweb installation in Ubuntu 10.10: 4 Occurrences trouvées
s old, so I guess we could say it is **stable**. One can, as the site says, > [[ en save and exit. The links should now work, once one restarts one's nanoweb server. What has apparen... all lynx to install the lynx text-only browser. One can then execute nanoctl status to see whethe
Ideological Mapping of French Presidential Candidates, 2017: 4 Occurrences trouvées
ome across two quiz/tests purporting to recognize one's affinities and political proximities to the can... ates in the French presidential election in 2017. One is in French, and proposes mainly multiple choice... ering) the candidates. The Vote Compass only uses one quadrant to map eight candidates, and places the ... ally opposite quadrant, essentially dropping to a one dimensionsal mapping (a diagonal line from top le
joe: 4 Occurrences trouvées
JSM Markup Button: 4 Occurrences trouvées
Close by One: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Chicken Marengo/Chasseur: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Aile de Raie - Sauce au Sauternes: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Orphans Plugin: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Public Holidays in France: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Ramequin forestière (et alii): 3 Occurrences trouvées
Slip-on Shoes: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Macaroni Casserole: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Broken Connection: 3 Occurrences trouvées
rsync utility: 3 Occurrences trouvées
Advice Snippets & Resources: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Hopping John: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Adding Buttons to DokuWiki: 2 Occurrences trouvées
SuitableStuff: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Red Snapper Veracruz Style: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Ages of Parents Chart: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Shoes: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Shoes of the Boot Type: 2 Occurrences trouvées
GNU Emacs Lisp Package Archive: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Design Pattern Template: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Formatting Syntax: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Frozen spinach with potatoes: 2 Occurrences trouvées
DokuWiki Plugins I Have Known: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Theories of Action: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Family Systems: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Fuzzy Concept Extractor: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Prospects: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Turkey leg -- roasted: 1 Occurrences trouvées
comment_debug: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Pita Bread: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Egg/Flan Dishes Contrasted: 1 Occurrences trouvées
JSMath Debug: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Pollo à la Vinagreta: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Transactions: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Interactions controller-model: 1 Occurrences trouvées
emacs and other Gnu Software: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Color Contrast: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Compte Rendu: 1 Occurrences trouvées
One-Bowl Dinner Rolls: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Civet de Canard: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Visitor: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Travail Encadré de Recherche: 1 Occurrences trouvées
emacs-build: 1 Occurrences trouvées
LaTeX Math Symbols: 1 Occurrences trouvées
How to Write a World Class Paper: 1 Occurrences trouvées
R-Project: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Buttermilk Pie: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Concombres au Yaourt: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Three-Bean Salad: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Choisir l'algorithme: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Shoes by Clarks: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Recognizing and Counting Squares: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Fondements de la programmation: 1 Occurrences trouvées
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