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 +==== WikiWare ====
 +There are several features lacking in this site's management software. An [[wikiware_redesign|idealized redesign]] is a first step in toward a system better suited to my needs.  The features are mostly in contributor empowerment: make it possible, as one composes a page, to set the access control((Access control parameters list users and user groups who should be allowed to read, read and modify, delete, or create new pages of content. A user empowered system will take some thought, because I would not want it to be possible for another user to remove an author's access to her own product! This problem also come up in the [[acg|collaborative editing of genealogical information]], for instance.)) parameters of the material. Another is content fission, to be able to split a page into two or more smaller pages, which might then each expand. Off-line editing would be nice; wiki mark-up is easy to use in a basic editor, but the resulting files cannot just be uploaded (like other media, photos and such), the text has to be copied and pasted into the web editor.
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