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 +===== Concombres au Yaourt =====
 +Cucumbers in yoghurt.  This recipe is from the excellent and classic "La Cuisine en Afrique du Nord" by Haydee Tamzali, edited by Michael Tomkinson for Vilo Paris, 1986.
 +  - Prepare the cucumbers
 +    - Wash and peel __500g of small cucumbers__.
 +    - Cut into small cubes
 +    - marinate half an hour with __2 Tb of vinegar__ and some salt
 +    - squeeze them to rid them of as much vinegar and the liquid they have given off (and salt)
 +  - Complete the preparation
 +    - Mix the marinated and drained cucumber pieces with 
 +      *__4 cloves of garlic__ (crushed),
 +      * __one yoghurt__ (not very specific quantity, but typically 125ml, use more if you think it needs more) presumably plain unsweetened.
 +    - Sprinkle with __1 Tb of dried mint leaves__
 +    - Chill.
 +    - Serve.
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