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 +===== Frozen spinach with potatoes =====
 +==== Ingredients ====
 +Serves 4-6, but only 2-3 if mussels are added to make a one-dish meal.
 +| 550g | frozen leaf spinach (not creamed!).  Swiss chard ("bettes") and kale ("choux frisé") are substitutes I like. |
 +| 300ml | water |
 +| 110 g | onion(s), peeled |
 +| 5 Tb (75 ml) | vegetable oil |
 +| pinch | asafoetida (optional? I don't think so.) |
 +| 2 tsp (10 ml) | whole black mustard seeds |
 +| 2 cloves | garlic |
 +| 500 g | potatoes -- the stay-firm type, like Charlottes, or cauliflower if you want a more "vegetable" (i.e. less starchy) version. |
 +| 1/4 tsp (1 g) | cayenne pepper (or the amount of pepper flakes or paprika you think appropriate if you want a milder dish) |
 +| 1 tsp (5 g) | salt  |
 +| 250 g | mussels, cooked and taken out of their shells ("shelled", but that may confuse ESL readers. To shell is to __remove__ the shell, and when they are __shelled__ they have no shell). Thawed if using frozen mussels. Alternatives are possible, but the "background" is so strong most other seafood would hardly be tasted, I suppose. |
 +==== Set-up ====
 +  - Bring 275 ml water to boil in a saucepan; cook the frozen spinach in it until just done. Drain, rinse and chop coarsely (if not using chopped spinach). If using another green, like Swiss chard or kale,
 +    - wash thoroughly, and cut out the thick stem (or spine?) from the middle of the leaves. I usually cut into 1 cm strips at this point to facilitate washing and cooking.
 +    - boil longer in much more water, at least a couple of litres and for 15-30 minutes
 +    - drain and chop as for spinach, if you haven't cut into 1 cm strips in step 1.1.
 +  - Peel and cut the potatoes into (rough)  cubes of about 2 cm. 
 +    * If the potatoes are nice and you like the skin, just wash them well and cut them without peeling. 
 +    * If you are using cauliflower (diet? look how much oil there is!) instead of potatoes, wash well and cut into little pieces about 3 cm in diameter.
 +  - Cut peeled onions in half lengthwise, then slice cross-wise into thin slices.
 +  - Peel and finely chop garlic.
 +  - grate the asafoetida, measure  mustard seeds, have both ready to use near the stove.
 +==== Cooking and final touches ====
 +  - heat the oil in a heavy skillet (for which you have a cover) or Dutch oven. Put in the asafoetida, then add the mustard seeds -- the oil should be quite hot, and the mustard seeds should start popping almost immediately.
 +  - add the sliced onion and stir-fry a couple of minutes.
 +  - add the cayenne (or pepper flakes, paprika, or not if you want a milder dish) and potatoes; stir-fry a couple more minutes.
 +  - add the rest of the ingredients : greens, salt and a couple of tablespoons of water. Bring to boil.
 +  - Cover tightly and cook on very low heat about 40 minutes (the time it takes to cook the potatoes), stirring and ensuring there is always some moisture.
 +  - If adding mussels to make a one-dish meal, do so when the potatoes are almost done and continue cooking about tem minutes (so the mussels are warm as the rest thoughout).
 +==== Serving ====
 +Just do.
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