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 +===== Hush Puppy (1999?) =====
 +When I was little, my grandmother wore Hush Puppies. I wore Buster Brown's. I finally decided to try Hush Puppies around 1999. Like so many things, they have changed now; they have all sorts of "normal" soles, not just the foam soles that were their uniqueness (and justified their name, they don't squeak or creak). I bought a pair with the original foam soles and returned leather. My chief complaint is that the seam in the heel of one is rough and protrusive and wears my heel raw if I walk much in them; I've tried masking it with duct tape and that helps, but it isn't really a cure. Also, the foam soles are soft enough that sand and grit (and pieces of walnut shell from my garden) get stuck in them.  Looking on the sunny side, I guess I'll probably never wear them out. Size appears to be 9 ½M. 
 ===== Roots (1980s) ===== ===== Roots (1980s) =====
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