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Slip-on Shoes

Like many people, my feet are not quite the same size. Not enough to be a problem, but I tend to prefer shoes with laces to slip-on shoes because it is easier (nay, possible!) to match the tightness. I do have a couple of pair, only one of which I've worn much. The other has a little strap across the front that was a little too tight, and it snapped one of the first times I wore them; I tried gluing it back (didn't hold), but I'm not going to pay for a repair that costs more than the shoes did!

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Gucci (1980)

Purchased in Rome, I wore these to see John Paul II in one of his afternoon Vatican appearances. I wore them a lot, enough to have them half-soled (and new heels, I presume). Size unknown, made in Italy.


The ones I broke before I broke them in (notice detached front strap on right foot shoe, left in photo). Size 9 E.

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