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SQL Warehousing Tutorial: 9 Occurrences trouvées
neer a physical data model from the GSDB database so that you can build data flows that reference obje... changes in the MARTS schema to the GSDB database so that you can create data flows to extract the dat... an sample the rows of data at the two breakpoints so that you can see whether the flows run successful... . Therefore, you need to create two control flows so that you can run one once and schedule the other
An Idealized Re-Design of Collaborative Databases: 5 Occurrences trouvées
only be shared with classmates, instructors, and so on, so using a blog for that would have been chal... tests to run, sometimes changes to make in I tend to put off doing them. AFAIK, Dokuwiki do... t deserves an article, but is of general interest so will not be further treated in this note but [[pl... visions, delegated by author to co-author(s), and so on. ==== More On Permissions ==== In the work
rsync Overwrote a Newer File!: 4 Occurrences trouvées
nc'' is intended to just run without interaction, so the latter behavior would be inappropriate. Why w... ardless? The command is to archive, not to merge, so to make a copy of each and every source file is c... t directory with just the files of a subdirectory so as to have all the files and the most recent vers... he directory which is the second source of files) so that no descent into a subdirectory is needed whe
Hopping John: 4 Occurrences trouvées
tables to summarize and compare/contrast recipes, so here's one more, calculated by scaling to have eq... fresh, or about 1/2 cup of dried? I've presumed so, and doubled everything.)) | | | | | dried bla... | raw rice | 1 cup, boiled separately | 2 cups ((so different from the other recipes that I doubt the... ce is fluffy. | Either cook the rice separately, so each can choose her proportion of peas-to-rice, o
Frozen spinach with potatoes: 4 Occurrences trouvées
l | | pinch | asafoetida (optional? I don't think so.) | | 2 tsp (10 ml) | whole black mustard seeds |... lternatives are possible, but the "background" is so strong most other seafood would hardly be tasted,... - If adding mussels to make a one-dish meal, do so when the potatoes are almost done and continue cooking about tem minutes (so the mussels are warm as the rest thoughout). ==== Serving ==== Just do
Design Patterns: 4 Occurrences trouvées
ction of a complex object from its representation so that the same construction process can create dif... > Decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently. - Compos... apture and externalize an object's internal state so that the object can be restored to this state lat... > Define a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when one object changes state, all its depen
Macaroni Casserole: 4 Occurrences trouvées
n available here as consistently as they now are, so I usually didn't include celery; if one does, the... he texture one wants it to give to the casserole, so I'm not specifying. ^ Cook macaroni ^^^ | 4 | se... yrenées, etc.) ((original recipe did not call for so much, and none in the sauce, just a little to //g... finely grated cheese for 1/2 litre(approx. 2 C), so I think this amount is about right.))| | || __Bé
JSM Markup Button: 4 Occurrences trouvées
like the prospect of having to type 'ath' a lot, so I decided that if the opening %%<jsm>%%-tag were ... ck" style should be applied; otherwise, "inline." So one could use a single button to add (or surround... e "standard version" needs, but do not promise to so it soon--and don't have a good idea for a second ... changes to plugins' files (if I recall correctly) so each change meant deleting all cache files by ftp
nanoweb installation in Ubuntu 10.10: 3 Occurrences trouvées
latest version is now (Nov. 2010) two years old, so I guess we could say it is **stable**. One can, ... optional--as it is in the authors' distribution--so its path, too is deactivated. ==== Restarting na... down what I'd learned and what I'd done to fix it so DokuWiki would run on it--and possibly earlier. L
French-Toasted Tuna Melts: 3 Occurrences trouvées
ght enjoy this very filling sandwich (makes six, so I usually made a half recipe for three people, an... se fabricated "processed cheese" slices which are so convenient and melt so well) | ^ (2) | Make sandw
Three-Bean Salad: 3 Occurrences trouvées
or beets: less oil, and the sugar fixes the water so the vegetables stay crisp (which is why it is used for the beans, I suppose). So, let me present it in two parts: sauce and chunks. ^ Sauce ^ Bett... stays liquid and doesn't cling much (only thinly) so making **"too much sauce" doesn't really happen.*
Ratpoison Window Manager: 3 Occurrences trouvées
g less and less using non-keyboard input devices (so-called "mice"). So I was intrigued by Ratpoison, ... and promptly forgotten because the information is so obvious once one knows the answer, the way I star
Recipes: 3 Occurrences trouvées
art (and genetically similar to humans) pigs are, so I decided to stick to fish, seafood, birds (inclu... es that dairy products are very, very rare there, so a milk-and-butter based sauce is very unlikely)) ... ecently, I was told "you never made that for us!" so maybe it should not be in this collection. But I
Stump: 2 Occurrences trouvées
au, France, the trunks of trees connect to a root so branched it is virtually indistiguishable from a tree! So I've decided that within the hierarchical structure of this wiki web site, I'll call the t
Aile de Raie - Sauce au Sauternes: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Chicken Marengo/Chasseur: 2 Occurrences trouvées
One-Bowl Dinner Rolls: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Eggnog Recipes: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Pita Bread: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Adding Buttons to DokuWiki: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Friday XIII: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Formatting Syntax: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Color Contrast: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Pollo à la Vinagreta: 2 Occurrences trouvées
Formal Concept Analysis: 2 Occurrences trouvées
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Ramequin forestière (et alii): 1 Occurrences trouvées
SuitableStuff: 1 Occurrences trouvées
The Perfect Chocolate Cake: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Fuzzy Concept Extractor: 1 Occurrences trouvées
FAIN : Cours 1: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Civet de Canard: 1 Occurrences trouvées
JSMath Debug: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Broken Connection: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Family Systems: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Theories of Action: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Honey-Ginger Grilled Salmon: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Red Snapper Veracruz Style: 1 Occurrences trouvées
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Public Holidays in France: 1 Occurrences trouvées
Ages of Parents Chart: 1 Occurrences trouvées
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