Three-Bean Salad

I use this recipe a lot, but almost never for three-bean salad! I like its “sauce” for other vegetables, like cucumbers or beets: less oil, and the sugar fixes the water so the vegetables stay crisp (which is why it is used for the beans, I suppose). So, let me present it in two parts: sauce and chunks.

Sauce Better Homes & Gardens
Ingredient Original Quantity Easy to remember proportions
vinegar 2/3 Cup 4 Tb
sugar 1/2 Cup 3 Tb
salad oil (not olive oil, a less flavorful, more neutral one) 1/3 Cup 2 Tb
salt 1 tsp 1/2 tsp
pepper 1/4 tsp pinch
Chunks Orig. Qty.
canned green beans 1 lb. can
canned wax beans 1 lb. can
canned dark red kidney beans 1 lb. can
chopped green pepper 1/2 Cup
chopped (or thinly sliced) onion 1) 1/2 Cup
  • Prepare ahead of time and let mixture marinate in the refrigerator overnight. The sauce stays liquid and doesn't cling much (only thinly) so making “too much sauce” doesn't really happen.
  • The “easy-to-remember proportions” makes enough for a cucumber or two. I generally season with a good dusting of dill (“aneth”), and a little chopped shallot if I have some on hand.
  • Same amount of sauce for 500g (a little over a pound) of cooked red beets, sliced, julienned, or diced.

There's also a more Mediterranean recipe that uses a yoghurt sauce but I use it less to avoid the salt.

1) from another recipe in another cookbook
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