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rsync is a utility function provided with the Linux distributions I've used, and also available for Windows, but I had never encountered it in the MS-DOS/Windows operating systems I'd used. In essence, I see it as a very extended version of file copy or xcopy. It provides lots of options enabling conditional copying across a network1), with or without preservation of Linux permissions, with or without date changes, with or without preserving directories, and probably more. My first use of it was to make a quick backup of my desktop project files onto a thumb drive before leaving the office, but I've used it at home for syncing directories (or just plain transferring files) between machines in my residential group.

What the ''man'' says

     Rsync is a fast and extraordinarily versatile file  copying  tool.   It
     can  copy  locally,  to/from  another  host  over  any remote shell, or
     to/from a remote rsync daemon.  It offers a  large  number  of  options
     that  control  every  aspect  of  its behavior and permit very flexible
     specification of the set of files to be copied.  It is famous  for  its
     delta-transfer  algorithm,  which  reduces the amount of data sent over
     the network by sending only the differences between  the  source  files
     and  the  existing  files in the destination.  Rsync is widely used for
     backups and mirroring and as an improved copy command for everyday use.

And, important for trying things out,

     As a special case, if a single source arg is specified without a desti‐
     nation, the files are listed in an output format similar to "ls -l".

Sources of inspiration

Getting started, one list of ten fifteen examples caught my interest.

Adding the capability to Windows:

Sandbox logs

Experimenting and learning by playing, I took some notes. One theme I published as a blog note, and will repeat here. Another, very basic theme on the importance of what one slashes I'll add once I've anonomysed it enough.

1) which can be on the same machine
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